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Posted by Michael Feinberg on Tue, Mar 02, 2010 @ 11:27 AM

Tags: deformable mirror, boston micromachines, Boston University, Photonics Center

A question that is asked from time to time around here is, “What is your relationship with Boston University? “  People want to know:  Are you a spin-off from their incubation program?  Do you receive financial support from BU?  Do they own your technology?  Well, the short answer is yes and no.   Here’s a summary:

We are an independent company which receives no financial support from BU and has a close relationship with the University for a few reasons:

1)      We license some of BU’s MEMS technology manufacturing process from the University so that we may profit from it and contribute back to the University

2)      Our founders are a BU professor (Tom Bifano, Director of the Photonics Center) and a BU grad (Paul Bierden, CEO, BSME ’92, MSME ’94).

3)      We collaborate on focused development which includes both fundamental research and advanced development.

We are connected due to our mutual interest in photonics technology and expertise in the field.  It has been a beneficial relationship to both parties and we hope to continue the relationship as we move forward with new projects and new technological improvements.